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7.6.11, 6:00 PM
After yesterday's show, how many of you think there might be a romance brewing between Jess and Ford? Ewww ! :rolleyez: I certainly hope not. Jess has got to be stronger than to fall for all of Tess' lovers. Sheesh!

The only redeeming thing about this whole sick sl, is that Ford does seem to really love his baby and that has softened him some to me... not a bunch, but some. :p

7.7.11, 10:44 AM
I sure hope not... that would just be a re-run of the Nash thing. I like Jess and Brody.. but now I'm not loving Brody so much. He did this same thing with Gigi and Shane. Natalie and Brody just DON'T have IT.. absolutely no sparks.
Do ya' all think Viki and Clint are headed for a reunion ?

7.7.11, 11:01 AM
Yep, I see it happening. TPTB are determined to make the Fords the stars of this show whether we like it or not. I once liked Brody but not anymore. Seeing him and Natalie together gives me the creeps, like watching kissing cousins or something. Frankly there's not a couple that I even care about anymore. Well, I was rooting for Rex and Gigi, but now that's done.

I don't see a lot of good things happening on this show. Kelly and Joey reunite, big whoop. The show is mostly full of negativity and turmoil. I keep waiting for things to start getting better and falling into place for the ending, but instead it keeps getting more and more chaotic. It's been a long time, but I remember Another World's final months to be more positive and satisfying. OLTL just seems so dark.

7.7.11, 6:16 PM
:flamingo: Knowing when the program will end makes it difficult. The Ford's should just blow away on the wind, yet again, Jess & Ford do seem to be getting friendlier. Do we have proof positive that Ryder belongs to Ford? Every time I try to figure out who belongs with whom, I get all muddled up. When I watched ATWT's ending, it all seemed to work out perfectly and it only took a few weeks for it all to fall together. Those things we want to happen and they drag them out and drag them out, well, they proved with ATWT they can put it all together at a moments notice!

If Joey and Kelli are leaving then Cutter and Aubrey should fade away, too. I really don't know what purpose Rama and Vimel can serve at this point. Gigi's death sets off lots of things, but none of them have to do with the Ford's. Sorry to ramble ...

7.10.11, 9:32 AM
I agree that it appears that Jess and Ford are taking a new path.. not one that I like. Just a repeat of Jess/Tess and Nash. I know they will end the show on a high note.. but I also agree they are wasting valuable time on
characters we don't give a hoot about. I want to see Clint and Rex work things out..which is going to take some doing. I want to see how Bo and Nora are going to handle Destiny's pregnancy... And how John and Natalie
manage to work things out. Then.. the whole Todd thing. I still am not sure where the 2-Todds sl is going.