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7.4.11, 5:17 AM
If Marty switched Liam's results making John his father ... then could it be possible that Clint's henchman switched Ryder's results making Brody his father? I haven't been watching the show as religiously as I did in the past, but catching glimpses here and there... Have I missed something, or could this be a possibility?

I can't stand Ford (and the rest of his brothers). The Tess storyline has to go.

7.4.11, 12:42 PM
Hi TritonPrez, welcome to the board! It looks as though Vimal changed the tests correctly making Ford Ryder's true father. But, I'm hoping some glitch comes up and it's wrong. I would like to see Brody be the dad so that the Fords can all pack up and head out of Llanview soon!

I'm thinking it might go that way about the Fords anyway. With Baz on the scene, Starr has a new love interest. Nate will probably get in trouble for hurting Matthew. So, if Brody turns out to be the daddy, Bobby can go too.

7.4.11, 10:23 PM
Now I'm confused. I thought Vimal changed Jessica's baby from Ford to Brody, and Marty changed Natalie's baby from John to Brody. What has always tripped me up is that Vimal didn't know there were 2 Buchanan daughters in the computer and he seemed confused about which one he changed. Was it ever revealed for certain which one he changed? This paternity switching has my head spinning.

I've been done with the Fords for awhile now. I don't understand why they had to throw Deanna into the mix, although she doesn't bother me as much. The two I really can't stand are Tomas and Baz. At this point I'd rather they just brought Cole back.

7.5.11, 8:26 AM
I would rather see Cole back, too. We don't have enough time to embrace any new characters.
Now.. you've all got me confused as to Ryder's bio daddy.

7.5.11, 11:04 AM
:flamingo: Oh no! I thought it might be right and now maybe it's not. I wonder if this storyline was stretched out farther than January? If it was, they must have to rearrange things to get it to end right and on time. First, I agree. I want all those Ford's gone. (Gimme Chevy's any day! :rolleyes: ) Baz doesn't belong in here anywhere, not at this late stage. I loved the scene with John and Blair. I'd be happy if they ended up together. Give Natalie Brody and send them off to the netherworld.

As far as paternity switching, why on earth don't those mothers have those babies tested NOW? :confused:

7.5.11, 11:54 AM
Exactly on the babies being tested. If I were them and had one inkling of doubt, my baby would have a DNA test right away. It's just stupid that none of them have even thought of this, and two of the parents in question are cops and the other a forensic technician. Sheesh!

I'm so not into this Baz kid either and I agree, there's not enough time for him to come on in his obnoxious way and the mellow on us enough for us to like him. Starr belongs with Cole, not some new character or James.