View Full Version : The direction of soaps

7.3.11, 12:31 PM
:flamingo: In reading these soap mags I was talking about further down, it pretty much confirms what I've been seeing. The soaps that are leaving are bringing back (one way or another) a lot of their old characters before they exit the air. The soaps that are remaining (Days, GH, BB and YR) are taking a cue. Days has slashed a bunch of actors and is bringing back old family type characters. GH is aiming to bring the Qs back by bringing back Leslie Charleson. It's my hope they hack the Mob stuff. If anything, it will all be interesting.:p

7.3.11, 1:58 PM
As each day goes by and I watch OLTL, I get sadder about it going off. What is even sadder is the fact that our society is so into the reality TV world and that fiction is almost a thing of the past.

7.3.11, 6:50 PM
I have only been watching GH since ATWT went off.. so I am not up to speed on all the characters. I don't care for the mob stuff at all. I don't watch soaps for threats and killings.
I am sure sorry to see Rex take such a dark turn .. and unhappy T-Todd is leaving before the show is over ( not his choice).