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10.21.07, 12:16 PM
Alright here it is I'll lay it out for ya. I have a dog and a cat now the dog loves kids (more kids = happier dog) and the cat is very selective in who she likes it seems to be just a immediate family and a couple of close friends. Now I have caught my cat sleeping in the bassinette that my hubby and I bought for the baby (so of course I kicked her out). But I'm wondering how some of you introduced your baby to your pets. I guess I'm worried more about how the cat will react. I know some ppl say cats tend to go into the bassinette because of the smell of the milk and they suffocate the baby. So I need help every web site I go to gives different addvice. I can't realy get rid of the animals because it would just devastate my 4yr old who loves her puppy & kitty. So any suggestions would be great. Thanks!!!:help:

10.23.07, 8:57 PM
I have not heard of a cat suffocating a baby so I don't know how true that is. You have to approach it delicately because the cat is going to be territorial (sp). I would not make a big deal of the cat being in the basinet until the little one comes because your cat may get upset you keep pushing it out of the basinet. Just when the baby comes along have the baby on the couch and let the cat smell the baby. Keep a close eye as I already know you will. Once the cat gets a scent they will most likely get bored. They also say that if there is a place you do not want the cat to go then get a spray bottle of water and spritz the cat when they go near that area. They will learn to stay away. Good luck

10.27.07, 1:56 PM
Thanks a bunch for the advice I'll give the spray bottle a try hopefully she won't see it as a game. I'll let you know if it works. :rolleyes:

10.29.07, 11:13 PM
Good luck!

10.31.07, 11:37 PM
thanks i'm gonna need it with the bunch i have kicking around here lol.