View Full Version : Trevor Todd and His Mini Me

6.28.11, 12:31 PM
Okay, I once rooted for Trevor St. John's character of Todd Manning. Even when he became the monster child beater, I had hoped that he would change somehow. Now, I just want him and his squinty-eyed offspring to rot in prison. The boy that plays Jack has a face you would get the pleasure of slapping. I do have to admit, he plays this hateful part very well. Too well, because I don't hate anyone...but I'm getting really close to hating this child. :p

That being said, I can't wait for Roger Todd to take over.

6.29.11, 7:13 PM
Yeah, I was really hoping he'd show some remorse, especially after what happened to Gigi. But it's still the same defensive "it's not my fault" spiel. I want to slap him too. I miss the old Jack :(

I'm getting anxious for RogerTodd to start interacting with people. Enough of this skulking around. We're on limited time, people!

6.29.11, 9:55 PM
:flamingo: Trevor St. John Exits OLTL ... Last film date around 18 July (http://www.soapcentral.com/oltl/news/2011/0627-stjohn.php)

Jack is horrible. He's a bully and he's horrible with no remorse. He doesn't even care he's responsible for the death of Gigi. I just don't like this bully thing and I don't like Jack and I'm not real happy with Trevor Todd.

If you read the article linked above, there's a term used: The so-called two Todds. Interesting term.:rolleyes:

6.30.11, 1:16 AM
Hmmm ... maybe TrevorTodd will be sent to prison where he belongs for all the crap he's pulled. I just hope Jack has a cell right next to him.

7.1.11, 1:44 PM
My mouth just fell open when Todd was able to buy off Brad's dad. I'm thinking could T-Todd get any lower ? How could Tea possibly share a home and life with this skank ? I can't stand Jack either. I have been annoyed with some child/teen characters and actors... but this is the first time I nearly hate one.