View Full Version : Had an idea about soap cancellations

6.25.11, 4:20 PM
:flamingo: I was wondering if the networks could rerun old soaps as an alternative. I'd even go for some of the old Edge of Night or Search for Tomorrow. OLD ones, though. I know they are pretty rusty compared to what we watch now, but as I mostly do other things while they're on, I'm not always looking! They might not fit the time slot because there used to be less commercials, too. It's just a thought.

6.25.11, 7:48 PM
Soapnet used to run old AW shows. That was before I had SN so I didn't get to see any.
I would think they could be formatted for today's commercial schedules. Interesting idea.

6.28.11, 1:26 PM
I'm just sad that Soapnet is also going off the air in 2012. I was hoping that perhaps they would rerun some old favorites too. I wish another network would pick up AMC and OLTL. Maybe the Bell family could combine the two soaps, "All My Life To Live"...:p The Bells know how to do soaps since they win almost every award at the Emmys.

7.5.11, 12:06 PM
Viki could be up in the spaceship looking down at them all?