View Full Version : TPTB sure go out of their way for Sami (of all people)...*Spoilerish*

10.21.07, 8:14 AM
Her twins will be played by REAL babies. Not dolls or blankets...no, not for Saint Samaaaaaaaantha. :rolleyez:

I GET IT Days!! You WORSHIP the freaking dirt your new "heroine" walks on!!!

This st^pid show can BITE ME!!!!! :censored: :censored:

10.21.07, 1:21 PM
What kills me is that TPTB are keeping Sami in her teeny-bopper mode. She is over 30 now and they should have her act more sophisticated. She's still playing the scared little girl.

10.22.07, 2:36 PM
That's been Sami's shtick for some time. Allison Sweeny said she was happy when the writers decided to have Sami and John patch things up. It was a sign that her character was finally growing up. I wonder what she thinks now.

10.27.07, 4:22 AM
I'm just sick of Sammy, period! Is she related to the boss? It's always about her. Why not call it: The Days of Sammy?

10.28.07, 12:01 PM
Istead of this being Days of Our Lives, it should be called Sami Days of Her Life, I am sick of seeing Sami every darn day.

10.28.07, 5:51 PM
It's a turnoff watching the Sami show.

11.4.07, 1:33 AM
huh. I like the new and improved sami. its the old sami i couldnt stand.

11.5.07, 9:33 PM
I love Sami. Keep writing for her. Just not with Rapeman.

11.21.07, 12:08 AM
The biggest Loser is US having to watch :yikes: the Sami Brady Hour.
I'm Totally Sick of Sami !!!!!:censored::censored:
I dont really watch the show much anymore because of Sami, she bores to doodoo out of me
the silent majority

11.25.07, 11:15 PM
Although I am getting annoyed with this whole Sami craziness, more at the fact that I want to hit her upside the head because you know she's completely naive about what her marriage is going to be like, I do like her as a character.

12.16.07, 5:53 PM
Both Ali and Johnny are being played by dolls unless there's areason needed for a close up. It's not a big deal.