View Full Version : Worst Accent

6.21.11, 3:08 PM
OK.. who has the worst accent ? Rama or Tomas' surprise wife ?
Yikes !

6.21.11, 3:09 PM
It's a toss up? LOL! Jeepers!

6.21.11, 9:45 PM
:flamingo: I vote for Tomas' surprise wife. I don't have a problem with Rama, but this gal had me wondering if she was French, Jamaican or something else.:anon2d:

7.3.11, 1:23 PM
:flamingo: We take our recycling to the nearby recycling center about every two weeks. They have huge boxes there for cardboard (non-corrugated), newspaper and magazines and each time we go we look for magazines to read and then re-recycle. Yesterday I hit the jackpot! I found Soap Opera Weekly and Soap Opera Digest with the newest ones being dated July 5 2011! I've been catching up on all the tidbits I never know about. This one is about Shenaz Treasury. She was born in Bombay, India (Mumbai). She is also a Bollywood star there. I'm guessing the one with the worst accent is Tomas's (ex) wife! ;)