View Full Version : Daytime Emmys

6.20.11, 10:59 AM
Best Supporting Actor Nominee: Chuckles??? Seriously???

It was really sad for me to watch this show last night. Just looking at all the actors from AMC and OLTL and knowing that most will not be at the Emmys next year. It's really a shame that these longtime shows are ending.

6.20.11, 12:26 PM
I think if the soaps disappear completely, they should do away with the Daytime Emmys.
Those awards are for acting, not for talk show hosts or reality show people.
It's very sad that daytime dramas are being phased out.
That was not one of the things I was planning on telling my grandkids about.

6.20.11, 2:06 PM
:flamingo: I haven't looked at the list, but if it truly is Chuckles, then I still can't look because I'll be in the bathroom HURLING!

6.20.11, 2:16 PM
Chuckles didn't win, but I was floored that he was even nominated. Seriously??? With all the good actors on that show, HE gets nominated.