View Full Version : New Twist (SPOILER)

6.16.11, 2:23 AM
Oh my! If you don't want to know what I read, don't highlight the text below:

The spoiler said, "Viki is devastated when she finds out who Clint's donor is". Which tells me it's not Matthew. I also read that Rex and Shane face tragedy, so I'm fearing that Gigi doesn't make it. Wow! I certainly didn't see any of this coming.

6.16.11, 11:40 AM
I had that thought yesterday.. and more thoughts. But won't share them until it happens..

How do you post the spoilers without them showing ?

6.16.11, 12:54 PM
After I type the text, I change the font color to something very light.

6.16.11, 7:01 PM
:flamingo: I just finished watching today's show and was pretty confused! We all thought Matthew would be leaving and then he opened his eyes AND he squeezed Nora's hand. I was so :confused: . All of a sudden Gigi's at death's door ... where'd that come from?? I hope her part wasn't sacrificed to do an interracial teen pregnancy storyline. It is summer and time for the teen storyline.

6.16.11, 7:29 PM
Frankly, I'd hate to see Gigi die. I wasn't a huge Rex fan for so many years, but Gigi and Shane (and Bo) have made Rex human and I want to see this struggling family make it and be happy. But, can you imagine the twist that will create if Clint gets her heart? What that will do to Rex...wow!