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6.10.11, 3:32 PM
This show is driving me crazy...:hatter: All week, it's been so slow, nothing that interesting except trying to figure out the Todd situation and how Tomas fits in etc. I'm glad they found Liam and he's back with Natalie etc...

But then yesterday, this whole thing with Matthew seemed so rushed. Matthew has always been a child on the show that everyone loved. We all were sad when he started acting up, but now we know it was because of killing Eddie Ford. This kid is brain dead and it should be heart-wrenching drama taking place and yes, it's very sad and makes my heart ache to think of having to pull the plug on a 16 year old boy. But, it's like they are trying to cram his story into one episode per week. It would have been nice to have had a scene with just Starr in the room with Matthew yesterday. I know the show is on limited time, but I just wish they would slow it down some on the areas that need to be done well.

For me, they need to can the DID saga now. Does anyone really care about Jessica anymore? And this with Bobby being all in love with an alter ego is just insane. He needs to be in St. Anne's too. Nash fell in love with Tess without knowing she was an alter, that was different. But, Bobby knows.

I just wish the writers would focus on the characters we have all loved for many years and write about them. All the new dribble needs to be gone now.

6.10.11, 10:24 PM
I'm with you 100% on this! I haven't read the spoilers about Matthew, but it doesn't look good. Why kill off this longtime character and let the newbies take over the show? And don't tell me Destiny is going to be pregnant now! Another teen pregnancy! I'm sick of Tess too. Robert Ford does nothing for me, and this romance is just a weak attempt to repeat the Tess/Nash thing. Not that I care about Brody anymore since he had to jump in the sack with Natalie. The Marty thing was strange too. They made her a kidnapper/killer and then let her ride off into the sunset with Patrick whom we never even got to see again. The end! Weird. And how about all the negligent homicide? Dorian, a doctor, lets Clint nearly die of a heart attack instead of helping him, and there are no repercussions. Nate punches Matthew and causes his imminent death. (I never understood why he'd be so upset over anyone killing a dirtbag father he never knew anyway.) At least Nate feels guilty. Dorian seems unaffected by what she's done. None of these stories are making sense anymore.

6.13.11, 2:46 PM
I know.. and agree with both of you. The sl's have no depth. They could dump about half the cast (Fords, Vimyl and Rama, Aubrey and Cutter ) and concentrate on the
characters we love. I knew Des would be pregnant .. I'm sick to death of Tess and the whole DID crap. They have worn it out. I was disappointed we didn't get to see Patrick, too. AND what the heck .. with Cris and Rama.. gagme !

6.13.11, 3:56 PM
And I think I may have mentioned this before, but they are actually bringing in two more new characters. Some clown named, Baz and a woman. Why?

6.13.11, 7:16 PM
:flamingo: I have been sooo busy lately. My fun morning job has gotten totally out of hand and if I didn't like the people so much, I'd just walk away. I haven't been ignoring y'all and I have been watching.

I'm always the salmon swimming upstream. I hated Bobby Ford in the beginning, but after meeting Eddie Ford and watching the way Bobby loves Ryder, I'm rooting for him and Tess/Jess (I don't care which one.) I'm so sick of Brody.

ITA about Matthew. Why are we hacking this kid out of the story? All I could figure was that maybe he got real full-time work on a show somewhere and this is how he is exiting. I haven't looked for anything about it.

Years ago I heard that one way soaps were saving money was by doing away with old characters. Something about them getting residuals everytime their name was mentioned and if they were killed off, it was a savings to the soap; I don't know why we'd start with Matthew, but it's another possibility.

And maybe with the coming close of the soap, some of the characters are finding other jobs before they lose this one. (The best time to look for a job is when you already have one.)

:flamingo: <-- glad to have time to post!

6.14.11, 10:18 AM
We are glad, too ! Doesn't seem right without your comments.