View Full Version : Question about Trevor-Todd

6.2.11, 2:08 AM
Do you think Trevor-Todd is still Walker Laurence and faked having plastic surgery etc? I wasn't watching much when all this transpired and picked up again after Walker was proven to really be Todd, so my memory is fuzzy about how he came to be on the show.

I just can't figure out all of this. For once, I'm baffled about how this will turn out.

6.2.11, 10:44 AM
I think TreavorTodd is a total fake who is
creepier than the Todd character ever was. I never understood the
Walker Laurence thing.. even if it was meant to be some transition thing.. it was not good. RogerTodd can be very convincing in a sympathetic role. This is going to be VERY interesting.
I'm having a little memory fuzz... who is Dani's father ? R-todd or T-Todd ?

6.2.11, 1:17 PM
From the timeline I read, I think R-Todd is Dani's father. It was still R-Todd that kidnapped Jack and took him to Mexico when he thought he was Max' son. And Dani is a couple years older than Jack, so it would be R-Todd. From what I read, Sam is the only biological child for T-Todd.

6.13.11, 7:21 PM
:flamingo: This is a really good question. It's making my head hurt, too!