View Full Version : Austin Peck's Character

6.2.11, 1:01 AM
With the show going off the air in a few short months, do we really need characters like "Rick" or whatever his name is on the show now? Today we had a very emotional show concerning Matthew, ending with Nate literally sick over what he has done and there sits this moron trying to make a porn movie. Seriously? Come on writers get rid of the excess fat of this show and give the veterans a good send off.

They need to get rid of all the Fords, Rama, Aubrey and "Cutta" as Rama says. Deanna, Echo and the Porn King. I also hear that new characters are still to come too. :(

6.2.11, 9:36 AM
I couldn't agree more. Although, I love Austin Peck.. his character at this point.. is pointless. AND wish every character you mentioned would disappear NOW !

6.2.11, 12:20 PM
I loved Austin Peck as "Austin" on Days. I think that is why I'm having a hard time accepting him as this porn creep. LOL!

6.13.11, 6:20 PM
:flamingo: Totally agree. The only purpose he's served is to move the storyline along by being in the right place at the right time.