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5.24.11, 8:11 PM
Oh my! I was in tears as they were taking Matthew to surgery. I just know in the pit of my stomach, he will die and Clint-Hole will live because of it. I hope with all my heart that I'm wrong, but I really think they are going this route. Bo and Nora broke my heart as well. Can you imagine the pain and worry they are feeling over this. But, one thing I hope is that Nate will pay for this. He and his hot-headed, non-thinking brain did this to Matthew. Llanview will be better off without anyone named, "Ford".

5.25.11, 1:59 PM
Yes, I agree with everything you said.. especially the Ford's. Let's not waste any more precious air time with this family.. Inez included.
I'm sure Bo is thinking about the other son he lost. Maybe Bo's loss and deep sorrow will wake C-hole up .. and he will recognize and appreciate Rex...
or... better idea... Bo can adopt Rex !!!