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5.23.11, 10:29 PM
:pirates: This is the closest I could come to TruTodd and it's not even close. LOL! Maybe it should be :anon2d:. {shrug}

This is pretty interesting! Who the hell is ThisTodd? What's he into and where'd he come from? And what the hell is IT? LOL?!

I will have to say, and I believe I did over the last several years, that ThisTodd lost his "sweet" edge. TruTodd had become a real person. He (Roger) made me feel he was sorry for a lot and he became more likeable. ThisTodd just became mean. Beating the crap out of a kid was the worst. Being responsible for Starr going head first down the stairs. . . that was mean. TruTodd had moved past stuff like that.

I'm ready for this story. It looks like they're rushing the story because I thought Roger wasn't supposed to show up for a few months. Still, there's only about 8 months to clear it up.

5.23.11, 11:11 PM
I'm so confused... LOL! Where did TrevorTodd come from is right. Sheesh! I did find a timeline and figured out that the three oldest kids, Starr, Jack and Danielle are RogerTodd's kids and only poor little Sam is TrevorTodd's. I was so confused on that a week ago of who belongs to who. I hope they do this story justice and give us something good from it.

5.24.11, 10:30 AM
I am totally confused about how this can play out. I always had a soft spot for RogerTodd.. he portrayed
a vulnerable side that appealed to me. TreavorTodd has become just plain mean and I couldn't find that lovin' feeling for him. I know they will have to blast through this sl because of the limited time... hope it works out to our liking.

5.24.11, 6:53 PM
:flamingo: And what the heck does "Wes" have to do with it? Bess said Wes only had one thing to say: Todd Manning. {big time head scratching}

5.24.11, 8:02 PM
I didn't get that either. The only thing I could think of was that Wes was good friends with Marty and he (Wes/Jess) knew about the rape. So, maybe Todd was the only person he thought he was saving her from??? Who knows??? It really doesn't make much sense.