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5.23.11, 9:22 PM
:flamingo: I've been so busy I thought I'd make a few comments on all.

It seems pretty obvious that when that youngest Ford hit Matthew, Matthew hit his head and probably has a brain injury. I hate this. He's gonna die and :cowboy:'s gonna get his heart. What are they gonna do? Recant Clint's confession and blame it on THE DEAD GUY?

Speaking of :cowboy:, why on earth did he refuse to recognize Rex as his own?

I loved Kelly waking up and she and John recognizing why they were drawn to each other.

I hate to think Destiny's pregnant after all the weight this gal lost! LOL! Wonder if Clint would recognize here?

Love that Aubrey got a big surprise from Joey. LOL!!!

5.24.11, 9:37 AM
Aubrey/skank is going to try to manipulate Joey with the Ryder custody thing.
That may be a big turn-off for Kelly. I haven't heard any spoilers that Destiny will be PG...but I'm betting she will be.
Bo/Nora/Destiny and the Ford punk will all testify that Matthew pulled the trigger.
Wes - now that is just a mess. And.. how could "Wes" even be an alternate? Doesn't an alternate develop at the time of the trauma ? Not take on the personality of your BF's pal 30 years later ? Very crappy sl.
SoapCentral is reporting Robin Strasser is leaving the show now.. due to health concerns ! Must be serious if she can't ride it out until the end.
I think C-hole will have an out of body/near death vision and finally recognize Rex.
Will be an interesting ride.

5.24.11, 11:53 AM
I hope Robin Strasser is okay. I hadn't heard this yet and as you said, it must be serious for her to exit with just a few months to go. I wish her the best.

5.24.11, 5:55 PM
:flamingo: I hadn't heard about Strasser either. I've so enjoyed her lately. Let us know if you read anything else about her.

5.24.11, 7:07 PM
Here is the link to the story on Robin Strasser: