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5.18.11, 6:31 PM
:flamingo: I've been really busy the last few weeks and have been sliding through the soaps. Did I miss Matthew and Destiny jumping young, tender bones? I remember him telling her about Eddie Ford and I remember them kissing, but that's all I remember. :confused:


5.18.11, 7:12 PM
Unless I missed the "sex" episode too, here is what I know happened. When Matthew told her about killing Eddie, she was about to leave after they kissed and he reached out to her and asked her to stay. He then took her by the hand and lead her to his room. That's all it showed and it just came on the other day (yesterday) when they were having an awkward moment at the hospital. Matthew asked what was bothering her and she said nothing and that's when he blurted out, "nothing? We had sex"...and Shaun overheard. But, she covered it very well.

It makes me sad that they wrote this in, but I know it happens. I just hate that it happens too often to kids who are way too young and not ready. I think this is the case for Destiny.

5.19.11, 2:42 PM
No spoiler.. just a guess...
Destiny will be pregnant ( need a teen pregnancy to wind up the show)
and if Matthew ...

5.19.11, 2:49 PM
I think I know what your thoughts are on this, JAR. It certainly looks like Matthew will be the one to save Clint-Hole. Yuck!

5.19.11, 9:07 PM
:flamingo: Oh no! Nooo ! Gawd no...

Oh I don't like this. I hate that the show will end in January and Matthew being an organ donor is in the foreground. Nooo ...

5.21.11, 2:21 PM
But... if that is the case ( Matthew is the donor).. I'll bet Destiny will be
pregnant .. just to thicken the pot.