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5.13.11, 4:22 PM
I read this spoiler on Soap Central today... I will white it out in case you open this automatically and don't want to see it. Highlight the text below if you want to know the spoiler...

I read that Nate and Matthew get into a fist fight when Nate discovers that Matthew killed Eddie and set him up for the murder. During the fight, Matthew gets hit in the head and collapses. After a struggle to save Matthew, he is pronounced brain dead.

Please tell me this isn't going to be how Clint-Hole is saved. I'm hoping with all my heart that this spoiler is wrong and that Matthew isn't the one who matches Clint's blood type and his heart is donated to save this creep. That would be the worst slap in the face to Bo and Nora AND us as viewers that I could possibly think of.

5.13.11, 4:46 PM
O M G ! I'm speechless. (that never happens to me :-)

5.13.11, 7:35 PM
:flamingo: OMG (Jar said it first!) No... Take Shane. Make him take the heart of the grandson he would not acknowledge. Not Matthew. Nooo

:flamingo: + :eek:

5.13.11, 10:45 PM
I'm trying to think of who is leaving the show and could be killed off..
Marty ? Ick
Echo ? Ick
Charlie? Ickier
A Ford ? Creepy
Aubrey ? EWWW

5.15.11, 1:16 PM
:flamingo: + :rolleyes: OMG! I would love it if Clint got Echo's heart! Tooo funny. Or maybe Vimel gets shanked in prison and he's a match!