View Full Version : OMG Marty... and GAGME "Wes"

5.12.11, 12:16 PM
Either Sandra Haskell ( Marty) is a great actress or she really is a whacko !
Yesterday was scary...

AND I want to stick my head in the toilet and start flushing... WES.. another
alter ? Wouldn't you think when "Wes" went to take a leak... IT might have figured out her/his plumbing was a little off ?:confused:

5.12.11, 1:04 PM
LOL! I thought about that when Wes went to pee. That should have freaked him out royally to not find his "plumbing"... did he sit? Jeepers!

Marty is a whack job and then some. Oh my word! She is scary!! And, I guess ole Clint-Hole really is dying. Wonder how that will play out? Who will die with his blood type to give him a heart? Or will he really die before the show goes off the air?

5.12.11, 1:37 PM
Wait... wasn't Clint a match for Shane when he needed bone marrow ? Hmm!
Or maybe one of the expendable people ( Cutter, Aubrey or Fords) will croak and be a match. I look for Clint and Viki to reunite before it's all over.

5.13.11, 7:32 PM
:flamingo: I wish I had a flamingo with the :eek: face! Marty is s-c-a-r-y! It's actually fun to watch! She's so off the rails all I can hope is that she doesn't get away!

Wes? :rolleyes: I would think that all Brody has to do is treat him like his old pal Wes. But he should say, "Hey man! You can drink! After you got HepC your drinking days were over!" No one seemed interested in treating Wes as Wes! Can you see Aubrey or Rama saying, "Hey, let me look in your pants and see what kind of equipment you have!"

And :cowboy: will definitely get a matching heart from "someone". Maybe Shane will actually follow through on the suicide. With the end of the show less than a year away anything is possible!