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10.18.07, 8:45 PM
Since there isn't a separate forum section for this scifi series, I thought I'd start up a discussion thread to first spread the love of Stargate and also, of course to discuss the latest season of one of my favourite scifi dramas.

So to kick it off, here's my thoughts on Reunion:

I loved the little cameo from Teal'c. It was definitely needed to show someone Carter was close to giving her the send off. And the 'undomesticated equines' thing, great reminder from early SG-1, and still makes me laugh even though it was in a serious conversation both times :). As for the rest of the episode, I'm glad there was mention of Elizabeth and making it clear that people shoudln't be comparing her to Carter or vice-versa. Very happy John was anxious to go out and save Elizabeth, even though it didn't happen because of the new 'rules' Carter has to enforce. *sigh* Hopefully they'll try to rescue her some point in the future.

The thing with Ronon was ok. I never believed he'd leave, and I'm glad he didn't. There's been too much cast shifting as is.

Doppelganger is up tomorrow! Watch it if you can and help get SGA ratings. It's still in limbo for a season 5, so the more people watching the better :).

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10.18.07, 10:37 PM
Oh hey, if you don't really know much about Stargate Atlantis and are looking for places to find some info, MGM has started a new SGA page on myspace at myspace.com/stargatecentralcommand (javascript:ol('http://newsletters.mgm.com/ct/2081771:2011505691:m:1:162230005:875797F194AD316F4 B197F2ECA302E48');) which contains character/actor bios among other things. There's also tons of info over at stargate.mgm.com. Pop over and have a look if you're interested :)

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10.25.07, 11:13 PM
Hmm, not much discussion going on. Are people excited Atlantis got a season 5? :D
I am curious how season finale + 100th episode is going to work, especially given the track record with other milestones it should be quite interesting.

Doppelganger was ok, not my favourite episode, but two Sheps are better than one, even when one of the 2 is evil ;). I think my favourite part was 'McKay, Shep, Evil Shep and a clown are sitting in a boat. Then they all get eaten by a whale'. lol

Travellers is up tomorrow night 10/9c. Watch it if you can to keep the ratings up and show SCIFI they made the right decision to keep the gate open :).

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