View Full Version : Who do you think will win the chase?

10.18.07, 5:34 PM
Okay ladies who do you think will win the chase AND who would you like to see win the chase?

Sadly I think Jeff Gordon :anon2d: might win it this year but I would love to see Clint Bowyer :p win it (wouldn't that just be awesome!) So whatdaya think???

10.19.07, 1:24 PM
I'm really not a Bowyer fan...but it would be nice to see a true "underdog" win it. I think it's going to come down to Jeff and Jimmie...and of those two, I would prefer to see Jeff win it.
But, it's still really too early to tell. A bad week for someone can turn into a good week for someone else.
Tony Stewart, Carl Edwards, Clint Bowyer...any of the top 5 or 6 can still logistically pull it off. Jeff or Jimmie have a bad week and someone is going to have a good week.
If Tony will calm down and quit beating himself and drive like a sensible man he's got a good shot.

10.19.07, 2:16 PM
So glad to be able to post again! So glad to have a Nascar board here.
I think it's Jeff's championship to lose at this point. I will be happy if he wins since he's our younger son's fave driver. I would be happy to see Stewart win since he's my hubby's fave driver. But if neither of those two won I really wanted to see Burton get it, doesn't look like that'll happen though.
Of course, I really, truly, with every ounce of my nascar being, hate the chase format, so I want to see whoever would have won it without the chase format, win it with the chase format. Which is what has happened the last two years. Other than the three drivers I mentioned, there isn't anyone in the chase that I'd like to see win it. (I'd be happy for shortness if Edwards won it, but he wouldn't be my pick if he wasn't her driver.)
Personally I think the chase makes every race a snoozer. They start talking about the chase before the green flag drops at Daytona in February. :yawner:

10.19.07, 4:54 PM
Since Jr is not in it I could care less. I can't stand Gordon or Johnson so anyone but them

10.20.07, 9:55 PM
I think it will be Jeff Gordon .He's had an awesome year. Go Jeffy!

10.23.07, 12:09 PM
of course being the die hard FORD girl that i am, i'd love to see Edwards hoist the cup. so far that isn't looking too realistic though. my next choice would be Bowyer since he's from my home state! sadly i'm afraid it will come down to Jeff & JJ. i'm so not a hendrick fan but unfortunately they've been the ones that have had their "ducks in a row" all year long and that's what it takes to win in the end.

side note: great to see some new faces posting here, it's mostly been just 3 of us on the old board for quite some time. i hope that even though we all have our different favorites, we can keep the bashing to a minimum and just enjoy posting together.

10.28.07, 7:26 PM
I think Jeff Gordon will but with Johnson winning the race today he could win the title.

10.31.07, 3:33 AM
I sooooo hope Jeff Gordon wins. He is my absolute favorite.
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11.6.07, 12:12 PM
Wow finally a fellow Jeff Gordon fan. I am so hoping he will win the cup. I can't even stand watching theraces anymore Lol It's just to nerve wrecking. I was cursing Jimmie Johnson sunday but he still won.Lol Oh please Let Jeff win!!!