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5.4.11, 11:56 AM
Hi Ladies!

So, what are we thinking of the happenings in Llanview? Do you suppose Tomas is talking to real-Todd aka Roger H.? Do you watch SoapNet at all? On the previews it shows Roger and he says, "I want my family back". Interesting. What does this mean for current-Todd? Who is he? This has me interested, but not many of the other stories do right now. And poor, Blair. Once again, she'll be sleeping (or kissing at this point) with the enemy. They really need to find her a good man before this show goes off the air. Max Holden!!! :blush2ey:

5.5.11, 2:00 PM
I would love to see Max return. Do you suppose Tea will stay married to faux-Todd.. because this is the only Todd she knows ? Or is it. Was she around before the change ?
One thing I'm really ready for is for Marty to be found out and shipped off to the looney bin. I'm tired of her toothy snarl.

5.5.11, 2:20 PM
:DThis is Marty... hehehehe! I agree, she needs to be shipped off further than St. Ann's.

I was wondering the same about Tea and faux-Todd. I missed much of the show during the time when she was first with Todd. So, I don't remember if it was after Roger or not. Didn't they take Starr? Starr was a little older when faux-Todd came on, but again, I'm not sure of the timeline. So, faux-Todd will be the father of Jack and Sam and possibly Dani if it was indeed faux-Todd that was with Tea. Poor Starr.

5.5.11, 4:50 PM
EEEK.. your are making my head swim :-D
I hadn't even thought of the paternity thing. Wow... more material than they
can cover well in the few remaining months.