View Full Version : Something Hokey, something not so hokey

4.27.11, 6:48 PM
:flamingo: OMG! I could NOT believe how totally hokey it was when Niki said, "I only have one life and I'm going to live it!" It was even, IMO, overacted. Hopefully there will be no more Niki DID and soon, no more Jessica DID.

I loved all the pictures of Niki through the years. I'll bet they'll do more of other characters, too.


4.27.11, 6:56 PM
I know, I'd love to see the DID stuff gone once and for all. Get both ladies integrated and on with their lives... even if they only have One Life to Live... :p

As for Viki, I wish they'd bring on some wonderful "Ben Davidson" type of man for her to end up with. She deserves a good man in her life. Someone who will take care of her and treat her like a queen :queen:. No more of this wuss of a man, Charlie Banks!

4.28.11, 12:45 PM
Good one ! :-D

4.28.11, 12:58 PM
The only reason I'm sad seeing Niki Smith go away so quickly is I wanted her to turn that recording of Echo over to Charlie. Hopefully, Viki will proceed with this and send Echo and the Wuss packing.

4.30.11, 6:51 PM
Can't wait for Charlie to get his walking papers.