View Full Version : Bring back our Favs !

4.26.11, 12:50 PM
What character(s) or actors would you like to see before the final curtain ?

I would like to see

Max ( James DePrava) come back as Max... hook up with Blair
Real Joey ( Nathan Fillan)
Tina ( can't remember the actresses name.. a real dingbat )
Cord ( I wonder if he is still a hunk)

Who else ?

4.26.11, 2:05 PM
Ah, yes! Max needs to come back and be with Blair. That would be a good ending.

I agree with what one of you posted that Renee definitely needs to be in the last few episodes as a tribute to Asa.

I'd like to see the original Carlotta back too. I never warmed to this liberal, younger Carlotta. Maybe Antonio can make one last appearance too. It would be nice if several of the old, long-time cast members could return for a final curtain call. Kind of like ER's last season where so many of the original cast had appearances in the last few episodes.