View Full Version : Happy Endings ?

4.25.11, 3:12 PM
Traditionally when a soap ends.. there are happy ending everywhere.
What are your guesses ?
Natalie and John - happy ever after?
Jess and Brody ?
Will Mathew become a good kid again ?
My big wild guess is Viki and Clint will reunite. Clint will change - become
big time sorry and there will be hugs all around :anon2d:

4.25.11, 10:31 PM
:flamingo: I haven't watched GL since the 50's, so I didn't watch the end of it. I did watch the end of ATWT and thought it was fitting. Jar, I hadn't considered the end of OLTL because I guess I was holding out hope that they might change their minds.

I'd start with Bo, Matthew and Nora, all happy together. It's hard to see Clint with Viki's boys and Rex + Gigi and Shane. And Kevin & Joey + Kelly. John with his bro, SIL and nephew ... maybe no woman for him. Dorian and ? These Fords are just wanna-be's. Renee has to be in there somewhere with Asa's picture.

I guess I just can't even consider it right now. Knowing OLTL maybe it will be a weird thing like Viki on the space ship!:cool:

4.26.11, 1:32 PM
oH yuk on all the Fords. I wish they would all move away. As sick as I was of Cole- I wonder about Starr and him ?
I really wish they would let some of the newcomers go and let some old favs have the limelight.
AND.. Austin Peck.. 2 days as a porn producer ! Is that it ? All the hoopla
about him coming to OLTL... and it's 2 days ?

4.26.11, 2:58 PM
I was thinking the same thing about Cole. He got on my last nerve most of the time, but it would be nice to see he and Starr reunite and make a good life with Hope.

And please, let's not leave it with Cris with Rama... yuck!!! I hope they find a good woman for Cris before this is all over.