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4.14.11, 4:52 PM
Not sure if you've all heard this yet, but ABC has cancelled AMC and OLTL. I'm crushed!


4.14.11, 11:06 PM
:flamingo: I don't know what to say. :yikes: I truly wish some of the basic cable networks would pick up on doing soaps instead of running the same old shows over and over and over. I'd even settle for a 4-day week! I just need that continuing story fix. :lookaway:

4.14.11, 11:26 PM
I hadn't heard this. I am going to be soapless. I used to watch Another World, then As the World Turns.. and have watched OLTL over 30 years.
What is Soap Net going to do ?

4.15.11, 12:56 AM
Soap Net is going off the air in Jan of 2012 as well. I had read that a while back.

This just saddens me to no end. Like all of you, I grew up with these shows and now being in my late 40's, soaps have been such a big part of my TV viewing for most of my life. It's so sad that we are losing two more long-running shows. I wonder how much longer Days will be on?

4.15.11, 1:57 PM
ABC is going with a cooking show and another lame idiotic talk show ? Really?
They are going for the cheap fix and ignoring long time viewers. I know it's too much to ask.. but I wish OWN or some cable channel would pick up these shows. I, for one, will not be watching ABC daytime. Talk and cooking shows are a dime a dozen. Very sad about this turn of events.

4.15.11, 4:28 PM
:flamingo: I heard last night that AMC will be ending in September and OLTL will end in January. :anon2d:

I will not watch ANY daytime talk shows or game shows or news shows. I DVR practically everything I watch and FF commercials.

I started soaps on the RADIO with my mom. I remember Guiding Light and Search for Tomorrow in black and white and only 15 minutes! I remember when ATWT went to one hour! :sigh:

4.15.11, 7:39 PM
I think the only clout we have is to NOT watch their daytime smutz.
I don't know what year OL began. I didn't start with it right away. I think when Viki was married to Joe Rielly. I hope ABC at least does a nice book with the sl's and pictures like NBC did with Another World. I flipped through the AW book not long ago.
I hadn't heard about SoapNet either. I changed cable companies a few years ago just to get SoapNet.
I don't really watch any other soap. I kind of have half a clue on GH.. just
from 10 or 15 minutes I might watch occasionally. It's pretty fuzzy though.

4.16.11, 1:14 PM
Yea, some show called "The Chew"?! What an awful name for a show! I think I read that Dr. Oz's daughter will host it. And Tim Gunn will host the "make Over" show "The Revolution"...I like him, so I may tune that in, just to see what its about. But, its sad that shows that have had Loyal Viewers for close to 50 years are given 'the boot"!

4.19.11, 2:11 PM
:flamingo: I read this at eonline.com:

Venerable vacuum cleaner manufacturer Hoover is pulling advertising from ABC in protest of their cancellation of AMC and OLTL, and rallying fans of the save-the-soaps cause (http://www.facebook.com/hoover) at their Facebook page.

4.19.11, 2:30 PM
Good for Hoover. I wish more companies would pull their ads and let ABC know how stupid this move is.