View Full Version : DNA Test Results

4.6.11, 10:38 AM
:flamingo: It sure looks like John is Liam's father. Marty's carrying around those papers and giving everyone involved the stink eye. I read that Marty is leaving the show so I guess it's a fitting departure!:cool: I really don't want John & Natalie together. Anymore I can't stand that woman and to waste someone as hot (to me!) as John on her is a crime! :blush2ey:

4.6.11, 12:04 PM
I still stick to my guns that John is the father and Brody is Ryder's daddy. Vimal switched Nat's test, I believe after Marty had seen the results. I believe she saw Vimal do it and because it would screw Natalie over, she left it that way.

I'm afraid that Nat and Brody are going to falter and get too close again, just in time for Jess to come back and for the DNA results to come clean and then there will be that agonizing secrecy going on again... ugh!

4.8.11, 8:27 PM
:flamingo: How long are they going to d-r-a-g this out? Marty is sounding nuttier and nuttier than a fruitcake!

4.12.11, 7:00 PM
Don't you expect snakes and flames to start rolling out of her head ?