View Full Version : Casting SPOILER

4.5.11, 1:19 PM
Follow the link if you want to know. ;)

4.5.11, 5:38 PM
:flamingo: Yippee! :p

4.5.11, 7:57 PM
Yea !!! Happy fan here !!

4.6.11, 12:08 PM
Oh man, how is this going to play out? For once, I think the writers have something good up their sleeves... let's just hope they don't ruin it with something lame. I'm so curious to know what Tomas is all about and how he fits in to all of this. And is Trevor Todd or is Roger Todd? But, please, let's not go the John Black/Roman Brady route on this...hehehe!

4.14.11, 11:14 PM
:flamingo: So how is cancellation going to affect this, I wonder? I read in one place that it won't be until next year so maybe they'll just put the storyline on a fast track. I wonder if Roger knew about this. Probably not cause it's too hot of a topic. :confused: