View Full Version : Some Viki/Charlie/Echo Payoff!

4.5.11, 11:23 AM
:flamingo: Oh My! I loved it! Ole Charlie didn't have much to say and what did come out came out wrong. LOL! And I loved how Echo got out of it all by going to look for Shane (as she should have.) Now, all Charlie has to find out is that Echo set him up to be Shane's father and I'm sure hoping Clint will be the one to tell him!:p

4.5.11, 12:50 PM
I loved the slap and I loved it near the end when Viki told Chuckles not to touch her, that he wreaked of Echo... LOL!

4.5.11, 8:59 PM
Yeah ! Said he STANK of ECHO ! Way to go Viki. I hope she kicks his sorry
rear to the curb with only the clothes on his back. Charlie (wet-noodle) and Echo can bunk at the Roach Motel. Have a nice life, Chuckles !