View Full Version : The Bullying of Shane Morasco

4.2.11, 11:27 AM
:flamingo: I couldn't watch much of this. Big time FF. I hate the fact that it goes on all the time in school and somehow these bullies never pay. And where do they get it? From their parents. It's a vicious, vicious cycle. Awhile back there was a bumper sticker that simply said MEAN PEOPLE SUCK. Several years later I saw one that said MEAN PEOPLE HAVE MEAN BABIES. :mad:

I guess kids record OLTL so they do see this storyline. As for me, it does nothing for my watching of the show. It's the topic of TV shows, it's in the paper, it's in the news. Seems like it just glorifies it and gives them more ideas.

Bob Newhart used to do a comedy sketch where he was a psychiatrist. The patient would say what they'd been doing that wasn't acceptable and he would look at them and yell, "STOP IT." Or "DON'T DO IT." Nancy Reagan used to admonish us to "JUST SAY NO."

Don't any of these kids have any respect for themselves? Don't they know there are consequences for their actions? Or do they just skate through life getting away with being mean? :confused:

:flamingo: <-- disappointed

4.2.11, 12:31 PM
I hate it too, :flamingo:. It's like these kids have no souls and it saddens me so much. They think it is so cool, but it's not, it's sick. I know it happens and I know there are rotten kids out there, but I hate the way this show portrays teens. Where are the teachers and adults at this school? Our schools would never let any prank get this far. I honestly hope Shane doesn't fall off that building and die. For once, I'd love to see good overcome evil and I'd love to see the bad guys (namely, Jack) pay for their actions.

4.4.11, 2:01 PM
That was VERY hard to watch... I almost don't know what to say.

4.5.11, 10:26 AM
:flamingo: Whether he planned to kill himself or not, Shane showed real courage to show up in front of all those kids.

Jack is truly looking like his dad. I wonder if this will wake up Todd? Surely Todd can't take Jack's side. :confused: