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10.16.07, 11:59 PM
Sheridan was more pathetic today, then I have seen her for a long time. First she has on this horrible outfit, then begging for sex. She just did not come across as the distraught mother looking for her child and worrying about his safety. I hope he is not there, can you imagine seeing your mother for the first time in that getup. I will say Luis tried to keep things on a level, but she was having fantasies and talking about hidden cams in the room. Well anybody could see that Luis was definitely not into to playing "hooker and john".
The Sheridan character is really a pathetic character and will have a hard time redeeming herself. In a town the size of Harmony and Sheridan Crane known to the world, do you not think that even the most dedicated wino would not recognize her or Luis a cop. Give me a flipping break. What a stupid storyline. :redfacey::redfacey::redfacey:

10.20.07, 7:52 AM
I heard the eppy for the 18th was amazing! Luis is determined not to lose Fancy.

jeanne 1
10.20.07, 12:33 PM
what about when sheridan was still diana
her brian were all over harmony and not one person said OMG SHERIDAN CRANE YOUR ALIVE not to mention the countless times shuis had near misses and hell sheridan was even on the crane estate but yet not even a gardner seen her we know jer has no logic that is just too much to ask for with him

you are also forgetting that this whole sleazy motel is a just another set up by alistar 2 reasons first is to continue to torture sheridan dangling marty over her 2nd is to break up lancy again using sheridan to do it al is the puppet master here
and is LOVING IT

10.30.07, 7:35 AM
Which means nothing Jeanne. Sheridan is STILL pathetic and she's STILL begging for sex because Luis won't look at her twice without a spell being placed on him. He loves Fancy and she can't stand that. Everything else is moot.