View Full Version : Brody! Go Away!

3.29.11, 6:07 PM
:flamingo: I've never minded Brody until now. He's in the middle of everything (like Natalie!) Who does he think he is telling Ford to give the baby to Jess so they could take him home? He has no control over anything with that child other than his name is erroneously on the birth certificate. The case is currently pending in court! He just needs to BACK OFF! He just really rubs me the wrong, wrong, wrong way! :twocents2:

3.30.11, 11:54 AM
No kidding ! At first I couldn't stand Brody, then he improved hugely. But now he is just like a little gnat.. everywhere and in everyone's face.

I was almost getting to soften about Ford until his horrible tirade toward
Jessica yesterday. Man.. that was cruel. Selfish, cruel and cold.

3.30.11, 1:11 PM
I wanted to smash Bobby's head in when he did that to Jessica. How cruel can one person get?

The one I feel most sorry for is poor little Ryder...and Bree. How messed up are these kids going to be? In reality, I don't think any court would allow Jess/Tess to have custody. With Jess' history of DID and all the crimes she has committed while being an alter and the fact that she slips into her alters anytime trauma arises in her life. She would be deemed very unstable. Bobby isn't much better in the parent department. After all, he basically raped Jess when she thought she was a teenager and that's how Ryder was conceived. I don't think that would go over well with a judge either. And for crying out loud, I wish that these people would take more DNA tests because I still believe this is all messed up and Ryder will turn out to be Brody's and Liam is John's.

3.30.11, 3:25 PM
:flamingo: I agree! If any of these people had any sense they'd get a DNA test done without blabbing about it. Like Liz did on GH. :winkq:

3.30.11, 7:30 PM
:flamingo: Do you think LooneyMarty was hinting that the DNA results might not all be as they think they are? :flamingo:

3.30.11, 11:22 PM
That is exactly what I was thinking. Remember Marty was in the lab when
Vimal was in there messing around.
If big mouth Natalie and bigger mouth Brody would have shut up for one second.. I think Marty was about to confess.