View Full Version : Kourtney, don't quit your day job

3.28.11, 10:03 PM
(Whatever that is, exactly.)

OMG, that was a joke, right? That was the worst attempt at acting I have ever seen. Actually, I don't even think an attempt was made. Wait a minute! We were punk'd, right? That has to be it. Nothing else makes sense.

Seriously. Whenever I flip by E! and see those worthless phony girls prancing around or hear their croaky, whiny baby voices, I want to vomit. They're everywhere, and now they're getting jobs on my soap. What was the point of that anyway? ABC is sinking to new lows. I still can't believe my eyes... and ears. Ugh :yucky:

3.29.11, 1:24 AM
Kourtney was horrible!!! Painfully horrible! I don't get it.

I did love the Tuc Watkins plug that Viki made about the actor to play David...that was clever.

3.29.11, 5:01 PM
:flamingo: Awww ... she wasn't that bad! :rolleyes: I just love that *stars* want to be on their favorite soaps because I think it helps them stay afloat.

Yes! I loved the plug about Tuc Watkins playing David! ROTFL! :p


3.30.11, 9:11 AM
:flamingo: disagrees with me. Shocking! :p

3.30.11, 10:46 AM
:flamingo: LOL! I think I'm just comparing her to Natalie (whatever her real name is) or Destiny when she started. Even Rex at one point! Maybe it turned out that she discovered Llanview wasn't real, therefore it wasn't a reality show! :eek:

As far as the K's as a whole? I have no use for any of them! You have to give them credit though, they sure do know how to turn a buck!