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3.26.11, 12:28 AM
I always wondered about Nora. Bo found her in the woods and she didn't know where she'd been. I wonder if Eddie attacked her and she shot him in self defense and blocked the whole thing out. Also, Matthew acted weird when it was suggested that Clint killed Eddie. Even today when David accused Clint, Matthew was adamant that it was not Clint. Maybe he saw Nora do it and planted the gun in Inez's house, since he was mad at her for sleeping with Bo.

Side note: Austin Peck made a good porn director, LOL! :blush2ey:

3.26.11, 2:08 AM
I'm wondering if Matthew did it. He was so angry and his whereabouts after the accident is sketchy. I'm thinking he did it and Clint knows he did and Clint had the gun planted in Inez' apt. to frame her for it. The door was locked when Nora got there and she saw the killer. It makes sense that she would block that scene of seeing Matthew leave the room. This also could explain Matthew's strange behavior lately. BTW, do they even know it was Matthew that hit Rex and Nora?

3.30.11, 11:27 PM
I don't recall it ever coming out that Matthew was the driver. I sure hope
the writers can reverse Matthew's crappy attitude fast. I really can't stand that little twerp right now.

4.1.11, 1:38 PM
:flamingo: I think it's far too much to hope for that :cowboy: killed Eddie. And you're totally right about them never revisiting the whole Matthew scenario. As I recall, there was no crash, only swerving and hitting a tree so there's no damage to Matthew's car. I wonder if :cowboy: knows more than he's letting on?