View Full Version : Casting Spoiler - Guess who's leaving?

3.14.11, 1:52 PM
Just read this on Soap Central:

Brian Kerwin is leaving the show this spring. Is anyone bummed? I used to like him, but sleeping with Echo was the last straw. He has no respect for Vicki. C-ya Charlie!

3.14.11, 2:35 PM
Good Riddance! :toothyz:

3.14.11, 7:23 PM
:flamingo: Well ... y'all know this flamingo could care less! Now, what's going to happen with Viki's love life? :p

3.14.11, 8:26 PM
I don't think the writers of this show know the meaning of a true love life. Nothing ever lasts on this show and especially for the older generation. At least on DOOL, you had Tom & Alice, Shawn & Caroline (even though she cheated with Victor, they survived), Doug & Julie, Mickey & Maggie. All had troubles, but love won out in the end. Shoot, that goes for Bo & Hope and John & Marlena too.

3.15.11, 12:51 PM
I am so disgusted with Chuckles. He can't leave the show quick enough for me and I hope he takes Echo with him. What a sleeze. I'm glad Tess saw them, she'll take care of it, but the sad part is that Viki is going to be hurt and I hate that. I hope they bring on a real man as her love interest soon.

3.15.11, 11:40 PM
I especially hate that Echo has now bedded two of Vicki's husbands. What else are they gonna throw at this poor woman? They're so worried about tiptoeing around Jessica. How about some concern for Vicki and her alters? Not to mention she's a heart transplant patient.

3.19.11, 2:22 PM
Actor is OK...
Character not...