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3.10.11, 12:49 PM
:yawner: I've not been home much the past couple of weeks and have missed quite a bit of the show, but when I do tune in, I lose my interest. Maybe it's because I've missed so much that the show seems boring right now. What are you all feeling?

The one part I saw that riled me up was Jack taking the money from Shane and then framing the poor kid. Todd, Jr. all the way around.

Any news on David? I did see where Rex and Bo were at the prison, but no David, have they found him?

My mom is in the hospital. She's very sick with late stage kidney failure. She will go on dialysis soon, so my life is a bit topsy-turvy right now. I may be asking questions here to keep up since I will be missing so many episodes for a bit. Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

3.10.11, 1:03 PM
:flamingo: Sorry to hear about your mom. :-(

My only complaint is that they have too many things going at once! Yeah, Bo & Rex are in Morocco but we've seen very little of that. Tomas talks on the phone to someone but we don't have a clue what it's about. Cutter's turned his sights to Dorian (yuck!) Joey remembered seeing Eddie Ford at :cowboy: so he went to Nora. Nora said do nothing ... Joey of course did. One thing after another and :cowboy: slips out of it. John is living in a bottle and boinking Kelly. He fired Gigi because she knew about Brody & Natalie and said nothing. And then there's Jack. I'm beginning to think Shane deserves some of what he gets. {headshaking} Making Jack just like Todd has been coming for a long time, but I don't find it entertaining at all. Kids do stuff like this because they see it on TV. Let's show them more and make them bigger bullies.

And that's the way I see it. :flamingo:

3.10.11, 1:27 PM
Thanks, :flamingo: I agree about the bullying. Do you notice that most shows portray teens as troublesome and or/bullies? It gets old really fast. There are good kids out there. For example, Matthew, who they have ruined. Langston was a smart and good kid, but was living with her boyfriend while in high school and sleeping with a college professor on the side...now that's a good role model. They seem to have forgotten about Destiny, but for awhile there, I was afraid they were going to have her go off the deep end and make stupid mistakes over her parentage.

3.10.11, 3:04 PM
:flamingo: Destiny! That's another story that keeps getting pushed aside. I think the only time we've seen her was the other day when she wanted to talk to Matthew about "The Kiss". :rolleyes:

3.10.11, 11:22 PM

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your mom. Keep us posted, okay?

Regarding Destiny, I really miss her and Shawn on the show. It seems that the Fords have replaced the Evans (Evanses? :rolleyes:) as "the" family on the show. I'm still wondering why. With the exception of Greg, I thought the Evans family was more interesting. I am nearing a Ford overload, especially Robert. At least they've laid off Inez lately though. I wanted to punch that woman in the neck.