View Full Version : Bring on David!

3.4.11, 11:20 PM
It's about time Bo finally decided to acknowledge David as his son! I hope this means Tuc will be back soon. I wasn't at all satisfied with seeing him only a few days in prison. Just get done with Desperate Housewives already and come back to us! I want my David back. :devilish:

3.5.11, 1:41 AM
He has such a small part on DH, I wish he would come back to OLTL for good.

3.5.11, 10:53 AM
I can't wait for Dorian to learn what Clint did to David and HER ! She is going to go after Clint like only the fabulous "D" can.
And, I hope D & D get together. They are hilarious and a great couple.

3.5.11, 11:55 AM
:flamingo: :cowboy: is on everyone's S-List. The things David can tell Bo about Clint! Unless Clint gets to him first and threatens him with something. I still wanna know why David made Kim leave...what he knew about her.

Of course it will take Dorian forever to forgive him. They should just go get married and forget the spectacle.

BTW, does MAYOR Lord have an office or do any city business?:confused: