View Full Version : Bad Bad Chuckles!

3.4.11, 3:22 PM
I finally caught up on some episodes I have missed this week. Chuckles!! Oh my word! "Making out" with Echo right there in Viki's living room. Anyone could have walked in besides Viki. I can't wait until he finds out that Echo lied to him too. I just hope by then, Viki has dumped his sorry butt!

3.4.11, 3:29 PM
Yeah, what a loser he's turned into. Vicki has all kinds of stuff on her plate to deal with, and instead of supporting her, he gives her more grief. What a guy. I hope she kicks him to the curb just like she did Echo, and that she does not take him back. Oh, why did they kill off Ben? :(

3.4.11, 6:37 PM
I am so over Charlie. He is nothing more than a wet-noodle. I can't imagine why anyone would want him. I hope someone spills the beans to Viki and she kicks his sorry butt to the curb.

3.4.11, 6:40 PM
And I certainly hope Viki had a pre-nup before marrying this dweeb. It would be just like Echo to have him go after half of her estate. It just makes me nervous when he says, "this is my house too".

3.5.11, 11:50 AM
You may be on to something. Wouldn't surprise me a bit to see Chuckles and Echo take over Viki's house.

3.5.11, 12:59 PM
:flamingo: Oh Gross, Jar! Don't even go there!

I never liked Charlie to begin with because he's just, he's just ... yeah, he's just a wet noodle. I was thinking some kind of spineless amoeba, but wet noodle works.

If Viki dumps him, he'll drink. If Clint lets him know that Echo helped perpetrate the lie, he'll drink. Any storyline with Charlie drinking is a bore.:yawner: