View Full Version : Matthew (giggle,giggle

3.2.11, 8:43 PM
What in the world is Matthew made up for ? His hair was near dripping
goo today. AND that style... Looks like some kind of vampire wannabe...or Fonzie..
I can't stand it .. laughed my rear off ( if only that were possible)

3.2.11, 10:51 PM
He must be going through a "stage"...hehehehe! He's kind of in that gawky awkward period and his hair has been a mess lately. But, today...sheesh! Fonzie :cool:... aaa yyy e! hehehehe!

3.3.11, 8:00 AM
They're trying to make him look like a junior executive. Except it's stupid because no high school kid would dress like that. There was an editorial on Soap Central talking about how his character has been assasinated, which I totally agree with. He was bitter over Dani dumping him, I get that. But for him to turn into Clint Junior over it is just ridiculous. I miss him being a teenager and his scenes with Destiny.

Oh! And did you catch his weird face when Nora told him she thought Clint killed Eddie Ford? Hmm...

3.3.11, 10:51 AM
:flamingo: hehe ... he needs his big brother, David! :hatter: I wonder how he will feel about :cowboy: when he finds out what he did to David. Oh wait! :cowboy: will somehow get out of it, won't he? :(

3.3.11, 1:54 PM
I agree, Matthew has been assassinated and that makes me sad. Sure, let him go through some teen rebellion, that is natural, but they have gone too far and it's very unrealistic.