View Full Version : Todd Spoiler/Rumor from SOD cover

3.2.11, 8:58 AM
Anyone see the new cover of Soap Opera Digest? (I'll do the white font thing below...)

It shows a pic of Roger and Trevor both and says "Todd swap!"

So it looks like we were right. I also remember last week Starr saying something to the effect of, "It's like someone else has taken over dad's body." I wonder if that was a hint of things to come. Whatever TPTB have planned, I hope they do it carefully.

3.2.11, 11:31 AM
:flamingo: I did see that but didn't have time to open it. I wonder! :rolleyes: It's always interesting at first and then they drag it out so far you just want the storyline to be over!:yawner:

3.2.11, 12:56 PM
I love Trevor St. John and I certainly hope that he's not leaving OLTL. I'd love to see Roger back, but somehow, I hope they can keep Trevor on the show too. Like they did with Drake Hogestyn on Days when we found out he really wasn't Roman.

3.2.11, 9:39 PM
Mixed feelings...