View Full Version : Natalie, just stop.

2.26.11, 10:06 AM
Would someone pull Red aside and tell her that constantly referring to Liam as "your son" to John is only rubbing salt in the wound? Geez, this girl. It's no wonder she's made such a mess of things. No common sense whatsoever.

2.26.11, 11:31 AM
Really ! John will come around or he won't. I don't know who is getting on my nerves more now... Natalie, Tess/Jess or Kelly.

2.26.11, 11:54 AM
:flamingo: For me, it's Brody. Since this whole thing started, he has not gone ONCE to see his OWN son, Liam.

:pinocchio: is definitely on my nerves, too. I still say it's not all her fault, but I'm in total agreement about the *your son* thing. Let it go woman, you're only proving it's NOT his son!

However, if any of these people had a lick of sense they would go get their own DNA test done like Rex was about to do, WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE! :p

Note: I see not all of the smilies are on the dropdown. :flamingo: is but :cowboy: isn't. I've used the colon name colon before, too!

2.28.11, 12:19 PM
AND this Ford/Tess arrangement is just utterly stupid. Since Tess has no ID as Tess.. will he be marrying "Jess" ? Will T have to use J's information to get a marriage license ?

For some reason I have a sneaking suspicion that C-hole :cowboy: is not going to
pay for his evil business.

So right now... I am not loving any of the sl's.

2.28.11, 12:38 PM
I'm tired of Tess already. It was fun at first to see Bree W., play the role, but Tess gets on my nerves very quickly. And this whole set-up with Ford is stupid. You would think anyone would know that a mentally ill person has no hold over you. If he snitches on Tess, she goes right back to St. Anne's. If he is indeed the child's father, he has rights.

As for Nat, I agree, let it go. John came to see Liam and it's obvious he loves that boy. If she would have left them alone and kept her trap shut, John might not have run out.