View Full Version : Who Put Brody In Charge?

2.22.11, 8:43 PM
:flamingo: Who put Brody in charge? There he is telling Ford to get out and leave HIS son alone. Then he heads up the search for Jessica, defending Llanfair in the meantime. Who does he think he is? Shouldn't he be glomming onto Liam, His SON? I'm just sayin' ... :confused:

2.23.11, 11:57 AM
Well, I guess since the LPD only has 3 working cops, (John, Brody and Darren's brother - oh and Bo as the head honcho) Brody is the only one to take over while John is out on his rebound toot. That's my lame attempt at trying to explain this...hehehe!

2.25.11, 12:16 PM
:flamingo: I doubt John will be working well with Brody when he does get back to work. It would be a little awkward to say the least. I just want John totally away from :pinocchio: .

They're just never going to give me John and Blair. They would have been so cool running Rodi's together. Poop.

HA! I did not realize that all the smilies are in the toolbar at the top of his input box! Now I don't have to do MORE to get my :flamingo:. Live and learn. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks! :rolleyes:

2.25.11, 12:31 PM
Ha! you just taught this old dog a new trick. I never thought to pull down the smilie menu on the toolbar. Duh! :upsideq:

2.26.11, 9:58 AM
Thanks for the smiley tip, I didn't know that either. I did figure out that if you know the name of the smiley you can type it with colons before and after, and the image will show up after previewing or posting. Colon cowboy colon (no spaces). :cowboy: