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2.17.11, 7:31 PM
Suddenly he speaks Spanish. And what's up with the talk of Lang's parents all of a sudden? Could he have a connection to them? I wonder if that's the reason she leaves the show - to go find them or something? I was kind of hoping she'd go back to Markko. :o

2.19.11, 11:38 AM
:flamingo: Thinking about it, he was Hispanic when he was on GH and was Luis/Lorenzo Alcazar. And, his name is spelled in the Latin way, Tomas. (Though I had a German friend whose son was Tomas??) At any rate, I sure hope Langston's nutzy cousin doesn't show up again! Tomas and A Martinez ... va-va-voom!

:flamingo: <-- a little shallow this morning :blush2ey:

2.19.11, 3:17 PM
The girl that played the nutsy cousin is now on DOOL, so I'm hoping they don't bring another actress in and revive that role. I think we're supposed to find out his true identity this week. Feb sweeps!

2.20.11, 12:16 PM
:flamingo: Which character is she on DAYS. I watch that at work. Oh wait ... is she the one dating Will ... Rafe's sister? (See how much of an impression she makes!)

For wonder if he's connected to Todd. Todd's been getting those mysterious phone calls. :confused:

2.21.11, 12:48 AM
Yes, the actress is playing, "Gabby Hernandez" on Days. She's much nicer on this show...hehehe!