View Full Version : Captain America and the Red Skull

2.17.11, 8:23 PM
LOL! :toothyz: That's what I missed about Tess. So now we know why all the emphasis on the trust funds. 8 figures, HOLY MOLEY! I wanna be a Buchanan.

John and Kelli's bar fight was really lame. :lookaway:

2.18.11, 1:23 PM
I missed yesterday's episode...now I'm dying to catch up! Sounds like I missed a good one.

I have to admit, I'm enjoying Tess over Jessica right now. I don't like all the DID stuff, but it's refreshing to see Bree W., portray a feisty character for a bit.

2.19.11, 12:42 PM
:flamingo: I'm enjoying Tess, too, but I know it will grow old quickly. I'm lovin' Robert Ford's reactions to her! I did do a double take about her drinking and nursing because she shouldn't be drinking because of the Hepatitis!

If this :queen: is Jessica, then this :devilish: must be Tess!!

2.19.11, 1:08 PM
I am a bit surprised though that Tess wants nothing to do with Bree. I know she's a cold alter, but Bree was her child with Nash. Didn't she even kidnap her as a baby once? Memory fuzzy here.