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2.14.11, 8:43 PM
I'm a little disappointed in John. He has real commitment issues. He was only going to marry Marty because she was pregnant.. and the same with Natalie.
He was showing cold feet before the wedding. I expected a little more from him.

Joey ! What a stup.. a dolt. I have no sympathy for him at all. He deserves
what he gets.

Did anyone want to yell at the TV... Charlie you wimp... open your eyes !
Echo is moving in for the kill. Well, Viki would be well rid of him. Kick his boring butt out... see if Echo still wants Chuckles when he has empty pockets.:anon2d:

Ah... there.. I feel better.

2.15.11, 2:03 AM
Oh man, what an episode. Joey and Charlie are both morons. And I agree, both deserve what is coming to them. Charlie didn't deserve what happened to him, but, his actions have been stupid all along and he and Echo deserve each other. Hmmm ... wonder if Echo will have a post-menopausal baby after their night together...ewww ! Then Chuckles will have his family. :rolleyes:

Now the fun begins. We have to endure the Tess saga. :upsideq: Actually, Tess is almost more bearable than Jess to me...almost. Jess is just too wimpy anymore. I miss her backbone. I just hope that Bess, or whatever her name is doesn't come back. I didn't like that alter. But, I would like to see Niki go after Chuckles, now that would be worth watching.

2.15.11, 10:59 AM
The actress who plays Echo was pg in another soap just a couple years ago. I caught part of an episode in a waiting room. Thought she was a little long in the tooth then.. Now.. would be a miracle .. and gross :rolleyez:

2.15.11, 11:36 AM
:flamingo: I think John would have married Blair for love. She was the only woman he ever opened up to. ;) I loved him in the black Aloha shirt Blair got for him. :palmtreez:

:homers:Charlie is hopefully on his way out of Viki's life. After avoiding her with his grief after Jared died, you'd have thought he'd learned. But NO. First to the bar and then to another woman. I want Viki to kick his sorry butt out NOW. When he finds out that Echo knew all along that Clint is Rex's father, and Clint will be sure to let him know, he's just going to go over the edge.

:dunse: Joey, Joey, Joey. {deep sigh} Was he this dumb when he was Nathan Fillion? I just hope Kelli doesn't stick with Cutter. I know she's gonna jump bones with John, but that's not going to go anywhere! :shhh: She has to be there to console Joey.

2.15.11, 12:44 PM
Na, Nathan Fillion rocks! :p I just love him and "Castle" is now one of my favorite shows.

Oh no, just had a thought. Watch Kelli get preggers and then she'll sleep with :hatter: Joey and we'll go through another paternity mix-up. Oh boy! I can't wait! :jesterbob: NOT!

2.15.11, 6:15 PM
:flamingo: As much as I dislike :pinocchio: Natalie, I really don't think this whole thing is HER fault. :bonk5: Marty is the one who hid the letter from John. When John didn't show up, Natalie assumed she was on her own. And :freako: Jessica was looney tunes pretending to be a teenager! None of this was Natalie's fault! And Brody! He knew what a mess Jess was and he left her alone. He left because she rejected him and he was feeling sorry for himself.

Yeah, Natalie :pinocchio: lied. Brody lied. Whenever Natalie wanted to tell the truth he put the kibosh on it. "Oooo hhh ...I could lose Jess if she finds out!" Nat and Brody deserve each other!