View Full Version : SPOILERS: For Next Week (Feb 14)

2.11.11, 2:44 PM
Here are some spoilers for next week. Oh my goodness, it's going to get crazy. Tess and Ford elope :confused: What??? John sleeps with Kelly:confused: Oh my! Haven't they learned that sex is NOT the solution to heartbreak. Sheesh!

And, we were right. It will be Jack that is bullying Shane.


2.12.11, 11:16 PM
I didn't want to read this but my fingers slipped. :upsideq:

What? This is all happening next week? Oh no, Tess again?! Actually I have always found Tess kind of entertaining. She pulls no punches. And come on, we all knew Tess was never totally out of the picture. They'll pull her out occasionally for ratings just like they have with Nikki. Integration has about as much merit as being dead in Llanview.

But Kelly and John, this is just wrong. :rolleyez: