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2.11.11, 2:01 AM
What's going on with Todd? Hmmm ??? When he mentioned, "his friend, Vimal", it made me wonder if he had him mess with the tests too. Could it all be so mixed up that Vimal really doesn't know who he switched? Or, did Todd mess with the results too? I'm intrigued!! I'm dying to find a spoiler. :p

BTW, I must add that Bree Williamson has got to be one of the worst criers on TV. She drives me nuts with her squeals in between sobs.

2.11.11, 9:03 AM
I've been thinking something BIG is going on with Todd's character. Just a word or line here and there. AND Tomas seems to have some connection, too.
If you find a spoiler let me know !

2.11.11, 3:43 PM
:flamingo: I sort of thought it has more to do with the Blair/Todd wedding picture and Tomas than with the Buchanan girls and their babies. I thought he was talking about his pal Vimal because of them drinking together at Rodi's. Something's gonna happen and it's going to have to do with Roger Howarth! I just know it! :eek:

2.12.11, 4:10 PM
I've always thought Kelley Menighan (Emily ATWT) was the worst crier..
it was a monotone moan.. just drove me nuts.

2.13.11, 12:06 AM
Yep, something is going to happen with Todd. I too thought it was odd that Todd called Vimal his friend. Since when does Todd have friends? :D

I truly believe that when this is all done and over with, John will be the father of Natalie's baby and Brody the father of Jessica's. Someone else could have tampered with the results, or Vimal for whatever reason isn't clear on which daughter's test he changed. Anything can happen. All I know for certain is that this could take years to sort out. :rolleyez:

BTW, wasn't there another Tomas on OLTL years ago? A Hispanic guy? Or am I confused with another soap?