View Full Version : No new husbands

2.9.11, 7:07 PM
Looks like there are no new husbands for Jess and Nat.

Do you all think John will turn to Marty ? I hope not. Marty is too crazy..
and shows her teeth too much .. and is too crazy.:toothyz:

I wonder how long it will take Rex to tell Bo where David is ? AND, how
will Bo react to Rex knowing this for so long ?

2.9.11, 8:19 PM
Oh please, not Marty! John doesn't go womanless for too long, so I'm wondering who it could be. Who is available? Or does that matter? LOL!

I also think Bo will let Rex off the hook once he knows that Clint was threatening to harm his family if he told.

2.9.11, 8:59 PM
:flamingo: Well, y'all know I vote for Blair. But I guess that spot is going to be taken. :rolleyes: