View Full Version : What a FUN Wedding!

2.8.11, 6:55 PM
:flamingo: These Buchanan's really know how to throw a wedding! And the East Indian contingent are invited to any wedding I attend in the future! But here goes Charlie again: Right off to the bar. Doesn't this man learn? He's good at AA until there's a problem and then it all goes out the window. At least he tried to stand up to Clint for Rex. At least he did that.

Jess can't believe Daddy :cowboy: could do something like this, let's sweep it under the rug and continue with the wedding.

Natalie is furious that :cowboy: had kept her brother from her.
And :cowboy: was sooo nasty about Rex. Almost unforgivably nasty. He was cruel. But I can hear Asa saying the same words. Not so much about a son but about whatever when he's backed into a corner.

I can't wait for the rest of the wedding!

2.8.11, 7:43 PM
I remember how Asa hated Ben Davidson at first, but he accepted him as his son. Clint is just awful. As we've all said before, what is so different between Rex and Natalie? They were both schemers when they came to Llanview...and Nat still can't tell the truth to save her soul.

2.8.11, 8:41 PM
And...the real CaCa hasn't hit the fan yet...
Is it going to be Ford is Jess's baby daddy and
Brody Nat's ?
This will totally be the end of John and Natalie.
Guessing... but I don't see any happy endings here.

2.8.11, 9:32 PM
And, I read that Tess takes over after all of this... NOOO ! :(:(:(

2.8.11, 9:50 PM
:flamingo: OH NO! Not Tess! :bonk5: How long will we have to endure that?

2.8.11, 11:19 PM
OH NO... Not that old, tired crap. At least they are leaving Niki Smith rest.

2.9.11, 2:08 PM
Wow! I finally watched yesterday's episode. What a jerk!!!:cowboy: is pure evil. I honestly cried when he was saying those horrible things to Rex. Rex looked so pitiful and no person should ever have to hear ugly words like that. C-Hole needs to burn.