View Full Version : Classic show on Friday

2.7.11, 9:05 AM
Just read Friday's show will be a classic wedding re-run. The 1995
wedding of Blair and Todd.. and YES the original .. same as the picture Blair is toting around... with Roger Howarth.

I gotta think something is up with all the references to Roger.

I heart Roger Howarth. I loved him as Todd and as Paul on ATWT. I would love to see him back on OLTL.. but maybe in another role.. as I like
Trevor St. John as Todd, too.

2.7.11, 10:25 AM
:flamingo: I found this (http://www.welovesoaps.net/2010/08/roger-rumor.html)online from last August and thought it was kinda right up our alley. Howarth never made any bones about not liking his scar and not liking love scenes after he raped Marty. This would give everyone an out! :glasses4:

2.7.11, 1:38 PM
I would like to see Roger H. back too, BUT, I don't want them to make Trevor St. John not be Todd. I've grown to love him as the character of Todd and I would hate to see them go that route. But, that said, the more I see Roger's picture and now the wedding episode coming up, I am almost positive they are bringing him back in some capacity, and Tomas knows the scoop.

2.8.11, 5:58 PM
:flamingo: My Dish Network OnScreen Guide shows the following for Friday:

Todd and Blair share a romantic moment at their wedding; Patrick reveals his identity to Marty; Kelly asks Joe to deflower her; Alex runs for mayor.

It's a good choice and one I will watch. I want to see the Todd/Blair and the Kelly/Joe.